Pet Portraits

PaulaMooreArt specializes in painting custom Pet Portraits. Watercolor artist, Paula Moore can capture the essence of your special pet and preserve it in a custom pet portrait. Custom Pet Portraits are a unique gift for any pet lover.



Paula has traveled extensively through the United States and other amazing foreign destinations  Many sketchbook journals have been filled with her watercolor memories. You are invited to walk along memory lane with Paula in her travel blog! Included here are just a few of her landscape paintings for your viewing.


Floral Paintings

There are so many variety, shapes and colors of flowers!  In Claude Monet’s writings he stated, “I must have flowers, always, and always.”  There are many ways to paint flowers from loose and splashy, impressionistic, abstract to detailed realism.  Enjoy some of Paula’s floral paintings!


Abstracts in Nature

I describe painting in the abstract as creating a visual message from the artist to the viewer speaking in the language design. Yes, an actual language of which I will ever be learning how to interpret! Implementing Line, Shape, Size, Direction, Value, Color and Texture we develop an organized structure making sure there is Unity, Dominance, Repetition, Harmony, Balance, Gradation, Alternation and Conflict.  Ultimately, the painting asks questions such as, “How do I make you feel? and “What emotion do I invoke?” The viewer, should he care to learn the language, continues the artful conversation.


Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper

Batik is an ancient Middle Eastern art form consisting of applying layers of colorful dyes and hot wax on material.  The process sometimes took up to a year to yield elaborate designs.


Paula’s original design consist of several steps of applying layers of inks, watercolor paints and melted paraffin wax on ginwashi rice paper.  Paula’ batiks capture the textures and simplicity of florals and landscapes.


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