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HisArt workshops and presentations


Sharing God's Messages of Truth through the Elements and Principles of Design

Experience a unique journey of faith and creativity with HisArt®, a program thoughtfully crafted by Paula Moore. Bridging the realm of art and spirituality, HisArt® intricately weaves God's profound messages of truth through artistic endeavors.


This non-denominational program is an ideal fit for retreats, bible studies, and youth groups, and it's adaptable to suit your specific topic or theme. Embark on a transformative exploration that unites the spiritual and the creative.


Ready to embark on this inspiring journey? Reach Out Through Our Contact Form to Book Paula for an Inspiring Presentation.

Painting by Paula Moore of PaulaMooreArt

 “Besides, my family and friends, my two other life themes are:
My Faith in God and Art.”

 - Paula Moore, Artist, Author & Owner of PaulaMooreArt

Paula Moore, an accomplished artist and the visionary behind PaulaMooreArt, embarked on her artistic journey as a means to share her profound passion for art and the invaluable insights she had amassed over time.

Her evolution as an artist remains a continuous endeavor, one that she graciously imparts to her students.


Much like Paula herself, you might find yourself in the role of a self-taught artist, yearning for a clearer path toward enhancing your painting pursuits. Paula's own quest for improvement led her to a relentless pursuit of knowledge – a journey of searching, inquiring, attuning her ears to wisdom, and delving into intensive study. This voyage allowed her to unlock the enigmatic wonders of the art world. Along this expedition, she encountered remarkable mentors who illuminated her path, eventually enabling her to perceive the intricate tapestry of creativity firsthand. It was during this time that she began to comprehend the harmonious fusion of fundamental artistic elements: Line, Shape, Size, Direction, Value, Color, and Texture. Comparing the inner workings to the gentle turns of a kaleidoscope,   these elements intertwined seamlessly, crafting an ever-changing symphony of visual delight. Paula's desire is to share these revelatory AH-HA moments with you.

In recent times, Paula's artistic calling has taken on a life of its own. Her artwork now encapsulates a myriad of insights gleaned from the world of art, intricately paralleling the profound messages of truth that emanate from the divine. A significant stride in her journey has led to the inception of the HisArt® teaching program aimed at nurturing the creative spirits of young minds. In addition, she has developed thought-provoking bible studies tailored for women, seamlessly integrated with high-quality crafts and artworks for participants to create and cherish. 


Paula's portfolio has expanded to encompass Women's HisArt® faith retreats, as well as opportunities to spread her artistic mission to foreign mission fields. An innovative initiative involves her live creation of an original painting during inspirational speaking engagements with large audiences. 

What people are saying about HisArt®

Thank you for saying “Yes” to be our special feature speaker at the August Women’s Luncheon. Everyone enjoyed and loved your program and message! You’re the best blessed sister-in-Christ.

- Darlena

Our church has been blessed to have Paula with His Art teach our teenage Sunday School class. The youth have been very engaged in learning about the scriptures and the use of art to open up their thoughts and expressions to the true meaning of the gospel.

- Gary Fulbright, Pastor of Canaan Missionary Baptist Church, Springfield, MO

His Art is a program built on love – God’s love and Paula’s love for all. Seeing youth engaged with God’s Word through various projects is pure joy! And the women’s group sessions provide fellowship, connection and encouragement.

- Gina

Love Paula and her His Art program for kids! My boys have always loved art, so using art to teach them more about God is simply wonderful. Paula is an amazing teacher and I’m amazed at the projects she helps them create. Paula’s passion for the art and God’s word shows in each and every project. I even took a class myself! It was so inspiring sharing with the other women and stretching my creative muscles. I highly recommend Paula and her His Art program!

- Bethany

Colorado Dreaming painting by Paula Moore

Coming Soon!

The boundless reach of Paula's HisArt® calling continues to unfold with excitement and promise, leaving a trail of inspiration wherever it ventures.

Keep an eye out for Paula Moore's upcoming non-denominational book, "HisArt®: God's Messages of Truth to Humanity through the Elements and Principles of Design." This eagerly anticipated release serves as both an art instructional guide and a gallery of faith-based essays. Each essay offers a distinct viewpoint on the seamless unity of art and faith. 


The anticipation continues to grow as Paula's soul overflows with ideas, including faith-based journals, workbooks, and other captivating concepts. It's a sensation that's almost overwhelming!

Enroll in HisArt® Classes

Prepare to embark on a creative and spiritual odyssey with the upcoming "HisArt® Creative Class Series" by Paula Moore. This eagerly anticipated series transcends denominational boundaries, seamlessly blending the artistry of watercolor painting with the profound essence of faith. As you join this journey, you'll not only become acquainted with artistic techniques and proven art theories but also uncover the spiritual depth infused within. 


Whether you're a novice or a seasoned artist, this inclusive experience welcomes individuals from all backgrounds to partake in a harmonious fusion of creativity and spirituality. 


Keep an eye out for the launch of this exceptional class series, where the universal language of art converges with the boundless realm of faith.


Be the first to know when HisArt® classes are available for open enrollment.

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