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Standing at Water’s Edge - Book Review

Afraid to leap into that next project your heart is encouraging you to take?

What a comparison we can make with our own lives. We can choose to stand afar off & watch others participating in what life has to offer. We can stand at water’s edge or make the decision to jump in. How scary it is to dive in head first towards a beautiful white piece of paper with paint! I might make a mistake! Marriage is described as “taking the plunge.’ Business’ sink or swim.” Believers drift away… however the anchor holds fast. When we fear making the dive, opportunities & blessings are missed.

Are you hesitating to immerse into something you desire? I have a dog-eared & (puppy-chewed upon) copy of Anne Paris’ book “Standing at Water’s Edge” I recommend this read for any creative soul that needs a nudge into the waters.

Ms Paris’ book includes this quote from the allegory of C.S. Lewis, The Pilgrim’s Regress.

“….you must dive into the water.”

“Alas,” said he, “I have never learned to dive.”

“There is nothing to learn,” said she. “The art of diving is not to do anything

new but simply to cease doing something. You have only to let yourself go.”

“It is only necessary,” said Vertue, with a smile, “to abandon all efforts at self-


“I think,” said John, “that if it is all one, I would rather jump.”

“It is not all one,” said Mother Kirk. “If you jump, you will be trying to save

yourself and you may be hurt. As well, you would not go deep enough. You must dive so that you can go right down to the bottom of the pool: for you are not to come up again on this side. There is a tunnel in the cliff, far beneath the surface of the water, and it is through that tunnel that you must pass so that you may come up on the far side.”

I plunged in this creative journey hoping that I could share my art with others. This year’s goals are threefold: 1). Refresh my website with innovation and motivation. 2). Continue to share my love of art thought teaching classes and workshops. 3). Offer cards, art prints and originals to the public. These are goals are moving forward! You’re reading my website blog!

I’m interested in reading your thoughts. Are you diving in or standing on water’s edge?

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