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Tyee Lodge, Newport, Oregon

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Newport, Oregon

I’m remembering a wonderful trip to Oregon’s West Coastline. We flew to Portland, Oregon, rented a car & drove the coast to the Redwoods in Northern California. What beautiful country…mountains on the east side rolling down to the Pacific Ocean on the West. Lighthouses nearly every rocky point still faithfully guiding ships along the shoreline.

I think my favorite spot was Newport, Oregon where we stayed in a delightful B&B, Tyee Lodge, Our Innkeeper, Dee Nebert, was a gracious host with delicious breakfasts each morning.

Dee Nebert, Innkeeper at Tyee Lodge

Here is Dee & I with the watercolor bookmark I painted for her.

The Tyee Lodge is located on a cliff overlooking the beach. The 60 degree temperature was too cool for most people, however a few adventuresome souls passionately wading out to catch the next exhilarating wave rush. (I watched them in Dee’s cozy sitting room with a hot cup of tea & another warm chocolate chip cookie.)

I’m in my Missouri art studio this morning, not painting – but still important time spent keeping up with the business side & considering my next step on this creative journey. Time moves on just like those crashing waves.

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