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Winkle in Owl Bah-Wain!

Owl watercolor by Paula Moore Art

Years ago, our four year old returned home from pre-school announcing a new fact his teacher had told them that day. “When we learn something new, we get a new winkle in owl bah-wain!” That has been a favorite saying at our house when we’ve come across a new thought or idea. After decades of observing this phenomenon, I surmise that this is a true conclusion for not only me but the population at large. Apparently I’ve learned so much that those brain wrinkles are now oozing out around my eyes & forehead!

As I contemplated adding a blog to my website, the need arose to learn more about the art of blogging. I had a general idea; however I decided to research the word definition of “BLOG”. Webster online defines blog as “a website that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments & other hyperlinks provided by the writer. Developed in the 1990’s, the word “BLOG”

is a contraction – taking two different words & creating a third, therefore, (World Wide) WeB + Log = Blog.

My Blog therefore, is compared to a fresh white canvas upon which to paint my reflections, insights & the information I want to convey to my viewer.

There is quite a process that takes place before a drop of paint ever touches the paper. Inside an artist’s brain, questions should be answered such as:

What do I want this painting to say to the viewer?

What colors should I choose?

What’s my composition?

Where the light, middle and dark tonal values should be placed?

During one of my recent basic techniques classes, my students were eager to jump in the fun part of touching paint to paper. Until that class, they were unconsciously following my forethought & development of the painting assignment. In this class, I tried something new by engaging my students in this thought process guiding them through as they came up with their own questions and answers about their painting. By taking the time to apply this new information, my students were so excited! Each of them came away with a successful painting.

In comparison, as we consider our own lives, there were times we merely jump right in without forethought to the outcome - Perhaps living a fairly good rendition, but leaving room for improvement.

Other times we meditate, consider guidance from trusted sources, and apply faithful principles to our efforts. Are not these times more often than not, the most treasured satisfying moments created?

My hope is that you will always come away from my Blog Posts with new insights, new information and hopefully, new wrinkles in the brain! Please share your thoughts & comments.

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