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Art Class Supplies List

Quaran-Teen Summer 2020 Watercolor & Sketch Journal Art Classes

Class Art Supplies List

  • Paint Travel Kit

    • KOI Watercolors Pocket Field Sketch Box 24 Colors 

      • (Other kits are also available; however this set contains nice quality paints and features for little expense)

  • Watercolor Paper

    • Recommended: Strathmore Visual Journal, 140lb Watercolor paper 9x12, 22 sheets 

      • (There is a smaller 5.5”x8” version of this same journal.  Other brands such as Arches and Canson, Moleskin offer journals too.

      • IMPORTANT:  Make certain it states 140 lb watercolor paper which will withstand lots of water & paint.

  • Watercolor Brushes

    • With good care and storage, your brushes will last several years. There are quality synthetic brushes frequently on sale at Hobby Lobby. Look for brushes that are nicely shaped with a tight point and specifically for water based paints only.  NOT OIL PAINT BRUSHES!!!   Buy the best you can afford!  Please note there are some convenient brush sets that will have several brushes included for reasonable pricing.   

    • To begin our paintings, you will only need the following 4 brushes: Round Brush #6, Round Brush #2, a ¼”Flat Brush and a ½”Flat brush


  • Other Supplies (Several of these items you’ll have already at home!)

    • Pigma Micron.05 Black Ink Pen (waterproof)   (A Sharpie Ultra Fine is a second option - not guaranteed waterproof)

    •  #2 pencil and self-contained shavings sharpener. (Or a mechanical pencil)

    • Small notebook to jot down ideas

    • Zippered pencil bag that will hold all the brushes & small items

    • Soft white eraser and a small gray kneaded eraser 

    • Paper Towels, (I prefer Viva paper towels because they have a smooth texture, however any brand will do.)

    • 2 tightly sealed lidded containers filled with fresh water. (Plastic containers from your kitchen work great)

    • Mr. Clean’s Magic Original eraser sponge (cut up in 1” cube sections)

    • Little salt packets from a fast food restaurant

    • 6” width piece of plastic wrap 

    • 6” width of wax paper 

    • A few toothpicks & Q-tip swabs


  • Canvas bag or backpack

    • One that will hold all your supplies that you can Grab & Go paint in you watercolor journal


Art Suppliers


National Art Shop, Springfield, MO

Hobby Lobby

Michael's (Kansas City Retail Store)

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