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Olive the Cat- A Pet Portrait

Updated: May 27, 2020

Olive The Cat by Paula Moore Art

My client, Abbey, emailed me a few reference photo of Olive the cat. By the expression on Olive’s face, I believe she was surprised that someone actually had found her enjoying that sunbeam under the dining room table!

As I considered what I wanted this painting to say, I decided not to include the table legs. The story was a simple one and the essence captured:

A warm glow against the soft, white fur and the mesmerizing gaze of those yellow- green eyes.

Although circumstances were such that Olive resided now in another home, the family, especially her son, had fond memories of their furry friend.

Abbey sent back this happy photo with a note saying her son had told her, “This portrait was his favorite Christmas present!” With this painting, I hope he’ll enjoy thinking back of this cherished pet for a long time to come.

Olive The Cat by Paula Moore Art & her owner

Who could forget those yellow-green eyes?

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